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Return to Freedom provides a safe haven to almost 400 wild horses, including 29 burros. With ongoing federal roundups, the sanctuary fills a vital niche to meet the immediate needs of rescue and sanctuary for wild horses and burros. We also provide a venue to educate the public about America’s wild horses and burros along with solutions to protect them in viable free ranging herds for future generations.

We are dedicated to preserving the freedom, diversity, and habitat of America’s wild horses through advocacy, sanctuary, education, and conservation, while enriching the human spirit through direct experience with the natural world.

Return to Freedom pioneers innovative alternatives to standard wild horse management that can be applied on the range and advocates for viable solutions to prevent the removal of wild horses from their natural rangelands.

On 1500 acres on the Central Coast of California, we do our best to provide an environment for the herds to maintain the natural behaviors and social structures they knew in the wild.

Return to Freedom’s Wild Horse Sanctuary was built on the basic foundation that wild horses are herd animals. Within the herd structure, bonds are formed and education is taking place all the time. In the wild, the herd ensures survival. Therefore, our first priority is to keep wild horses in their original family bands or naturally selected social groups, to provide for their emotional well being as well as their physical care.


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