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Monthly Archives: September 2014

The ASPCA recognizes that America’s wild horses and burros occupy a special place in our history and deserve to be protected. So why is it that the government agency in charge of their care—the Bureau of Land Management—doesn’t seem to feel the same way? Over the years, the BLM has rounded up tens of thousands of our wild equines, often using cruel methods, and shipped them to tax-funded holding facilities where they are confined for the rest of their lives.

With more wild horses now in holding facilities (50,000) than on the range (30,000-40,000), the situation has never been more urgent. The ASPCA is fighting to make the BLM scrap its current management strategy and implement more humane, sustainable methods of wild horse management, but we cannot do it alone.

With your support, we can continue our critical work to change the way the federal government treats these majestic animals. If you’re ready to stand up for our wild herds, and countless other threatened animals who count on us, please make a donation today.