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All the years I have headed up to Lompoc I never paid much attention to the cities as I passed them by. That was until yesterday when I exited off Liberty Canyon Blvd. in Agoura Hills, CA. to visit The Healing Equine Ranch nestled in the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains. I had recently become aware of this organization via Facebook and wanted to know more about their mission. Needless to say, I was impressed with all that they do and felt right at home. Hearing the stories of the horses that they have saved and being able to watch the interaction of the herd was inspiring. There is something spiritual and calming just being around the horses and also being around others who care. I would recommend everyone go out and see what this is all about. Below is a blurb off of  The Healing Equine Ranch’s website. This will give you more of an insight on their mission. Kiki and Terry gave demonstrations of working with horses and how true respect, love and kindness will from a bond with one of God’s magnificent creatures._DSC7113

The Healing Equine Ranch (aka t.h.e. ranch) is nestled in the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains in California. We are a 501c3 organization and our goal is to create a positive and natural environment where horses and humans can interact and learn.We are inspired by the knowledge we gain from interacting naturally with horses. Utilizing the techniques of those who have gone before us and those who continue to spread the word, we offer experiential learning for anyone with a love of nature and horses. We know that by improving our own skills with horses, we receive benefits in all areas of our lives. Enhanced partnerships, stronger leadership, improved communication, self esteem, boundaries and more honest relationships. Most importantly, In this high tech fast paced world, we have slowed down and really listened to the inner voice that guides us. Possibly for the first time in years.Using our own model, Natural Equine Interactive Learning (NEIGL), we present basic natural horsemanship skills with an emphasis on human self development.  The exercises presented in our program provide the opportunity to cultivate mindfulness and awareness, and help identify how to stay present in the moment.

Becoming aware of the delicate balance between our mental, physical and emotional states is the foundation for productive relationships. Along with learning real skills to be around horses, our participants notice many positive changes in their lives, including a happier, healthier state of mind and a more confident approach to life and problem solving.

Our popular Horse Mornings for Women series is the ranch’s flagship program. Utilizing the NEIGL approach, this program allows you the opportunity to explore what you bring to the relationship with horses, while giving you tools, tasks and situations that will to help you partner with these beautiful animals. By learning just a few key points, you could be on your way to a life-changing and enriching experience with horses that will invariably carry over into your other relationships. This program can be customized for all demographics, including families, couples, school programs and groups in the workplace.


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