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Horses can form close bonds with humans, yes even wild horses. How blessed we are to have that opportunity. We bring joy to their lives, yet the joy they bring to us is priceless.

Horses are naturally gregarious needing the emotional security of a herd. Being flight animals their first response to an frightening,unknown or threatening situations is to run away. If a horse is deprived of company or not allowed to express its natural instincts, it can become stressed and start to behave unpredictably.

“In the wild, a horse herd has a strict hierarchy, composed of one alpha stallion, several breeding mares, young stock and foals. As the young stallions reach maturity, they are driven from the herd and form separate “bachelor herds.” Stallions from the bachelor herds eventually may challenge the alpha stallion of the herd. Each horse knows its place within the herd, and new foals are quickly taught the boundaries of good behavior. Domesticated horses put together in a field will quickly develop their own version of the herd environment, with the most dominant horse (male or female) taking on the role of leader.”  ~ Sara Clark

Roy is a volunteer at Return To Freedom and enjoys spending time with the horses and photographing them. My photograph shows wild horses can bond with humans as they learn to trust and feel safe with them. As with humans, love goes a long way with these magnificent horses.



  1. You are so right! I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time around horses when a friend of mine boarded her horse in Coto de Caza. I watched how she interacted with him. I remember one tender moment when she started crying over some lousy relationship with a man. Her horse was very distressed by her tears. It went over to her and tried to nuzzle her as if to console her. It was very touching.

    • Thank you Jennifer for sharing your story. Some people don’t understand the depth of a animal’s feelings and that they are compassionate and loving too. They have feelings just like we do. They may not verbally be able to share that but in their own ways you know they love and care too.

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