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The beauty of the Lompoc hillsides and valley were only outmatched by the beauty of the wild horses…

Standing in the pasture with the tall grass blowing gently in the wind, the beautiful Lompoc valley spread as far as my eyes could see I witnessed the complete joy of running wild horses as they frolicked in the tall grass. They neighed, their nostrils flared taking in the warm air and the pure unbridled joy of running wild penetrated their very souls. The pounding of the hooves and the wind whipping up around me as they ran by was pure exhileration. One might say it was a religious experience I felt being so close to God’s magnificent creations. For me it was. I will never forget that moment for the rest of my life. I felt these horse’s pure joy as they knew they were safe and loved. They were free again just as God intended them to be.Image


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